CONJUNTO MUSIC (a project of Montuno Productions, Inc.) is designed to be an artists collective focusing on bringing artists and fans together in an environment that fosters artistic expression, creativity, ingenuity, collaboration, solidarity, and sustainability.  The main objective of Conjunto Music is to promote diversity (of artistic expression), independence, and localism.


CONJUNTO MUSIC is an artists' collective designed to promote the notion that artists should be fairly compensated for their work; that they should be able to generate enough income to sustain themselves and their families as artists; and that when artists are properly compensated society at large benefits from their creativity and ingenuity.

The model seeks to combine the best features of cooperativism and collectivism, AND entrepreneurship, risk-taking, the free market, and innovation. The model also promotes diversity, independence, and localism vs. standardization, hegemony, and conglomeration.  With that in mind, we offer ARTISTS the following:


The Conjunto Music Artists Collective calls for local/regional groups made up of up to 40 members. Members could be "individual" artists or band leaders. To qualify for membership, each member must be able to initially submit at least three professionally-produced music videos, or songs (MP3s). Applicants are also required to submit a fully edited biography, and a professional photo. Once accepted into the collective, artists are required to submit at least one artistic work per month; it could be an MP3, video, article, photo(s), blog post. Members will be able to create their own "Conjunto Music Channel" where they can engage in the following activities:

  • Sell CDs, merchandise (t-shirts, artwork, DVD videos, etc.)
  • Offer music classes (guitar, percussion, trumpet, theory, etc.)
  • Host online presentations, talks, seminars, teach-ins, etc.


The Conjunto Music revenue sharing has two components: the artists' collective and the market components:

  • Artists' Collective: Fifteen percent of revenue generated from fans memberships will be shared equally among members, with payments distributed once a month.
  • Free Market Component: Each member has the option of setting up their own Premium CHANNEL and charge their fans based on free market considerations. The revenue split between Conjunto Music (Montuno Productions) and the artist (for revenue generated from premium channels) is 10% to 20% fee (to cover administrative costs) for Conjunto Music and 80% to 90% for the artist (depending on the content). Payments will be submitted to the artists twice a month. All transactions will be processed by Montuno Productions, Inc.


Fees collected by Conjunto Music will be used to cover labor/administrative costs, as well as for ongoing promotion and marketing for the benefit of all members.


Check out five-time Grammy award recipient Julius Meléndez's listings, including directory, online store, and channel subscription page. Once fans subscribe, they'll be able to access his Online Channel, which includes a number of feature-rich apps, components, and modules.